At certain times in our lives, many of us have asked these questions: 

  • Who am I?
  • What is my purpose on this earth?
  • What is my mission on this planet?
  • How can I maximize my talents?
  • How do I unlock my hidden potentials?
  • How can I optimize and manifest my natural powers?
  • Where do I find the road to enlightenment?

    The Center For Metaphysical Research has all the answers.

    Shakespeare once said, “The eye sees not itself, but by reflection, and by some other things”

    Since you cannot truly and accurately see yourself except by reflection, let the Center For Metaphysical Research be your mirror, your looking-glass and your reflection that will discover and reveal to you, many things about yourself that you do not know presently.

    We are sure that you will be impressed.


    Life, they say is a journey. Please do not travel the road of life without knowing your destination.

    With our brand new PATHFINDER REPORT, you will know where you are going in life and be shown how to get there.

    Our Pathfinder Report is a ground-breaking, innovative, detailed, comprehensive and in-depth astro-analysis.

    All sincere seekers will like our Pathfinder Report because it is the key to the house of knowledge and empowerment.


    Metaphysical Cosmology says that we live in a holistic universe and that all human beings are related to this universe. Thus, making us part and parcel of the Solar System.

    Be a sincere seeker of the true Light. Know thyself and become sure-footed.

    Life is too short to walk in darkness when the facilities exist to see tomorrow today.


    It pays to be a member of the Center For Metaphysical Research

    Our memberships have their privileges. For EXPANDED benefits, please check out the membership section above.

    As a member, we guarantee that you will never walk in darkness again.

    We shall open for you new doors of possibilities and opportunities.


    Our Testismonials  [ Please scroll down ]


    "I had never before had an insight that was thorough and comprehensive.

    What CFMR has provided is a door of understanding. One in which developed

    an appreciation for who I am, my gifts and purpose. 

    The importance of the Full Profile, as provided by CFMR, can not be

    underestimated. The accuracy of it allows the 'client' a more solid foundation.

    And the awareness of self affords one to become unafraid of that which is unknown.

    To accept the self, creates a stronger purpose for one's life. I think any and everyone

    on the process of personal discovery with a more enlightened journey should consider

    having CFMR provide the 'key' to a greater and wider consciousness of self!"


    Lawrence P. USA

    Writer & Poet


    It seems that I have traveled my life journey from the past
    to the future, when I read the report of my life path. It is fascinating and
    mind-boggling that it contains such exact information of my life path. 

    I am still in a stunned state how you could provide such correct
    information of my life journey. I truly believe that the service provided by
    CFMR is not just for the sake of money.
    I sincerely thank CFMR from the bottom of my heart for the valuable time spent
    in preparing my report. I wish the services of CFMR should spread all over the
    world and their success continue....

    Thank You
    R. Arun
    , INDIA

     “Thank you I received the two reports
    [Complete Profile & Personality Report].

    I thought they were quite a deal considering the modest contribution CFMR ask

    I've had many similar reports made for me in the past, and in all fairness,

    your service is of a very high quality, and excellent value for the
    money compared to what is out there.
    Thank you again for the reports. Your concern is appreciated."


    Athens, Greece